Boards and Commitees

The University Leadership manages different activities through the following Boards and Committees.

The roles of each of the above roles is indicated below.

Human Resources Board
  • Consider appointment and employment policies.
  • Appoint and promote certain categories of staff.
  • Interview, recommend appointments/promotions of staff to council in categories CU1-6.
  • Receive reports and advise on worker benefits, wages/salaries, adjustment and progression.
  • Consider Staff Handbooks and Statutes regarding Staff Welfare.
Finance Board
  • Manage funds, assets, property
  • Recommend budgets to council.
  • Assure accounts of income/expense kept.
  • Assure accounts audited every year.
  • Make statement including assets and liabilities.
  • Invest funds in short-term securities for revenue generation for the University
  • Borrow from a Bank or other person upon approval of the council.
  • Set up procedure for procurement and tendering activities.
Planning and Development Board
  • Undertake physical planning for infrastructure and academics
  • Write feasibility studies for fund-rising
  • Oversee maintenance of infrastructure.
  • Advise on technical, professional services required for campus development and planning
  • Recommend contractors, approve procedures.
  • Ensure supervision of all contractors.
  • Cause publications of the University material.
  • Review and coordinate the writing of Strategic Plans.
Student Affairs Board
  • Consider policies relating to welfare and discipline of students, recommend to council.
  • Recommend students’ Guild Budget to Finance Board.
  • Approve students’ schedule of Guild activities.
  • Receive reports from students’ Guild on welfare of the students
  • Receive report from Senate relating to Student Academics.
  • Receive appeals and consider matters on student discipline as stipulated in the statute.

University Management

University Management

Uganda Christian University is led by the Vice Chancellor assisted by a team of Deputy Vice Chancellors and College Principals.

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