19th March, 2020

To all Uganda Christian University Students and Staff Community.

Praise the Lord and warm greetings in the Name of our suffering Lord, Jesus Christ.

In his address to the Nation yesterday, the President of the Republic of Uganda, directed all primary and secondary schools, universities and institutions of learning to be closed by 12 p.m. on March 20, 2020 for a period of one month to remove population concentration points in order to check the spread of the Coronavirus. In that respect, I make the following communication.

  1. All face to face Classes, Public Lectures and Worship Services are suspended with immediate effect until advised otherwise by Government.

  2. In response to the President’s directive, the University Management has reviewed and weighed a number of options as to the best strategy to ensure the completion of teaching for the Easter Semester 2020 and conducting of examinations thereafter. We are gratified, at this point in time, for UCU’s investment and capacity in running online and e-programmes. Over time, UCU has developed the capacity to deliver the Curriculum and assessment through well-developed e-Learning and online resources such as its Learning Management System and Online Library resources.

  3. Through the utilisation of our online, e-learning and e-resources, the Academic Office shall work to ensure that those classes that have not yet completed their syllabi for this Semester are remotely facilitated to do so. The concerned lecturers will be encouraged and supported to ensure that students receive the remaining notes, e-resources and materials to facilitate their learning this week. Online consultative channels for students and lecturers to interact, if not yet in place, will be established. I call upon all lecturers for their cooperation and for the understanding of our students. The purpose is to ensure that our students complete their Semester studies uninterrupted. The Academics Central Office will be issuing more guidelines on the completion of the Easter Semester.

  4. Regarding the Easter Semester Examinations, it has been resolved, that the students will be given ‘take-home examinations’. These will be closely vetted by the Academics Central Office to ensure that quality and integrity of the examinations are maintained. To facilitate this, students are requested to update their contacts with the Academics Central Office. Both the issuance of the take-home exams and receipt of students’ answers/responses to the examination question(s) will be centrally managed by the Academics Central Office. Physically delivered exam answer documents will be centrally received in the Academics Central Office. Students must NOT submit their answers/responses to lecturers or elsewhere. A competent taskforce led by Assoc. Prof. Michael Masanza has been constituted to provide leadership and oversight to this process. More details and guidelines will be issued by the Academics Central office soon.

  5. In execution of the above, the Finalists shall be prioritised to ensure that they complete their studies within the stipulated period of their study so that they can graduate in July 2020. Continuing students will also be equally assisted to complete their Semester studies. Strict deadlines will be communicated for setting, submitting, administering and answering the examinations. This too requires the full cooperation of both staff and students.

  6. Students, who have not yet fully cleared their fees are encouraged to do so as soon as possible as their examination answers will NOT be graded. I urge all students to ensure their full registration by 6th April 2020, and to have an official UCU email address, which can be obtained from the University ICT Services (UIS) before closure of the University on 20th March 2020. Please update your contact information with the Admissions Office, IF not up-to-date for the University to facilitate completion of your Semester studies.

  7. I appeal to International Students who may need assistance to immediately contact the Directorate of Student Affairs for assistance on any emerging issues about the closure of the University.

As the UCU staff team at the Main Campus and at our Constituent Colleges and Campuses, we will continue to diligently execute our duties to serve our students. We will also continue to pray that God intervenes in the Coronavirus pandemic across the world to be contained and eradicated. Your cooperation will be key in these troubled times.

To you, our students and staff let us remain strong. For in Joshua 1:9, the Lord says “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

In His Service,

Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi

Vice Chancellor

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