Social Media and the UCU Take-Home examinations

UCU Students reading the phony social media posts about postponement of their Take-Home Examinations should not be duped into believing it.

I am writing to assure our students that they will receive the University Examinations in the coming few days.

The Office of the DVC (AA) is working on it. I do not want you to grow lax about preparing for them. It is our commitment to help you complete your Easter Semester 2020, so that when you return for your studies, you will not need to retake your final weeks of study and Exams, which would cost you since the University is expending on this exercise.

As a University, our responsibility is to educate you, as our Mission says, “To Equip Students for Productive, Holistic Lives of Christian Faith and Service;” and not to make you a perpetual student who takes many years to graduate.

The University Administration is working hard to support you, including providing you with internet data to download your Examinations and upload your answer sheets.

Easter blessings in the risen Christ.


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