Statement on Easter Semester Examinations

First of all, I greet you in the precious Name of our suffering Saviour, Jesus Christ.

You will remember that before we closed the Semester in compliance with the directive of His Excellency the President, I wrote a Memo to you outlining the way forward since the Semester was closing prematurely. The University committed:

  1.     To complete your Semester classes, if not yet complete. Lecturers have been doing this.

  2.        To serve you with Take-Home Examinations so that you could complete your Easter Semester. And these examinations were to be served to all students irrespective of their registration status, save that only fully registered students would receive back their results. The purpose was that upon your return for the next Semester (or for some of you, to graduate), you would not need to complete the Easter Semester.

  3.      To provide you with an Internet Bundle (without further charge) sufficient for you to download the examinations, do them, and upload the answer sheets to send them back to the University for grading.

We did all this for the good of all of you, our students, to complete your studies for the Easter Semester WITHOUT additional Fees.

I salute the coordinating Committee that has been working hard night and day, the academic staff who accepted the training for setting Take-Home Examinations and set them for you at short notice, and all staff who have done a tremendous job to finalize your examinations.

Amidst all this, it came to our attention that some (few) students petitioned Parliament against the Take-Home Examinations. Under the prevailing circumstances, we could not be invited in to present our case. Today, April 04, the Minister of Education has resolved and announced a stay of issuance of any manner of examinations whatsoever.

Therefore, in compliance with the Minister’s directive, I must regretfully inform you that we shall not issue you with the examinations as we had intended. We realize that many of you have been preparing for these examinations. Besides, over 90% of you had registered your phone numbers or other contact information to receive the examinations from the University; and the number was still rising. This means that you will have to sit for these examinations upon resumption of normal University programmes.

In due time, when normalcy has returned you will receive further communication about the programme to complete your Easter Semester. Thank you for your understanding.

I pray that the joy of Easter shall overshadow you throughout this season.

Easter blessings in Christ.

Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi

Vice Chancellor

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