UCU launches sh4b beautification project

Uganda Christian University (UCU) has launched a sh4b partnership with Prime Media Network, a Ugandan advertising agency, to beautify its main campus in Mukono.

The partnership was launched on Friday at a colourful ceremony held at main campus.

Speaking at the function, UCU’s Vice-Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi disclosed that the partnership had been endorsed by the top organs of the University such as the Cabinet and the University Council.

“The beautification work will be executed within two years starting February 2021,” Mushengyezi said. 

Under the deal, Prime Media Network will tarmac all the walkways to the classroom blocks; set up a students’ digital lounge with high internet connectivity; construct a new parking yard for over 100 cars, a modern food court; and also install solar lights within the University.

Prime Media Network is also the brain behind the beautification of Makerere University’s Freedom Square.

At UCU, the company will also refurbish the Bishop Tucker Gate named after the former Anglican Bishop of the Eastern Equatorial Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania), 1890-1899. The gate leads to the Bishop Tucker School of Theology and Divinity that has trained nearly all the Anglican bishops and other Anglican clergy in Uganda.    

Mushengyezi disclosed that they decided to refurbish the Bishop Tucker Gate in recognition of the role played by Bishop Tucker Theological College in laying the foundation for the establishment of UCU. Before the Church of Uganda established UCU in 1997, the land where the University is located, housed Bishop Tucker Theological College. 

Under the same partnership, Prime Media Network will install digital screens in a number of buildings at UCU to enable students and staff monitor daily developments.

Mushengyezi noted that all the improvements will be financed by Prime Media Network that will afterwards manage the infrastructure for 10 years. During that period, Prime Media will make an annual remittance of sh50m to the University.

Mushengyezi warned the company against doing substandard work, arguing that UCU prides itself as a Centre of excellence and has no place for poor quality services.

In 2017, christianuniversitiesonline.org ranked UCU as the most beautiful Christian university in Africa and the 50th in the world due to its sparkling green spaces and breathtaking surroundings and inspiring architecture.

In his speech, Prime Media Network’s Executive Director, Brutus Kagingo noted that they would have loved to work while students are on campus to skill them. However, most students are off campus because of the Covid-19 lockdown that has ensured that they study online.

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