UCU's relentless fight against Covid-19

By Ivan Tsebeni

With staff and students embracing Covid-19 vaccination, Uganda Christian University (UCU) has continued to sensitize her community to take heed to the Ministry of Health guidelines in order to defeat the deadly pandemic.

Stickers are pinned on every notice board and doors to help in the sensitization of the community against Covid-19 spread.

“We closed the University’s physical operations to decongest the population as per the Government directives," Dr. Geoffrey Mulindwa, the Director Medical Services said.

Mulindwa cautioned that the third wave may be more hazardous than the first and second ones.

The University started Covid-19 Vaccination on March 15, just nine days after the vaccine was imported into the country.

Sensitization campaigns, according to Mulindwa, have kept the rate of infections within the community slightly lower.

He however cautioned the public to take extra care not to contract the virus and also seek medical advice in case one develops signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

"Whether one is vaccinated or not, one needs to maintain the standard operating procedures," he said.

Mulindwa added that UCU is well equipped with preventive methods and gadgets to curb down the spread of the virus.


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