UCU Collaborations and Partnerships

Uganda Christian University partners with other universities and organisations around the country and the world to benefit our students, lecturers, researchers and communities.



University of Cincinnati
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To facilitate collaboration and cooperation in areas of mutual interest for purpose of enhancing contribution to higher education internationally.

University Court of the University of Aberdeen
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Collaboration in the field of Business and Medical science

Liverpool Hope University, UK
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Collaboration  in joint research and teaching projects
Fostering  internationalization through faculty and student mobility
Exchange academic information and publication 

NLA University College, Norway
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Establish Mutual academic and education exchange that both parties can benefit from

Hochschule Flensburg University of Applied Science (FUAS)
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Collaboration in research in bioenergy ,environment management and engineering

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To create a partnership with Universities who train future finance professionals to a high standard.
Working collaboratively towards exemptions accreditation into ACCA for relevant programs offered at UCU.

Collaborating to provide training /tution to students preparing for ICPAU examinations and other related services in Uganda

Hochschule fuTechnik,Wirtschaf und Kultur Leipzig University of Applied Science Leipzig
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Collaborating in education ,research and other related areas.
Exchange of faculty members
Exchange of Students
Exchange of administration Staff
Joint research projects
Joint teaching projects and study programmes

University of Ghana on behalf of West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement
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Training plant breeders at PHD level and equip them with expertise to improve the indigenous crop that feed the people of West and Central Africa.

The Council For Christain Colleges and Universities
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Working together towards offering the Uganda Studies Program

Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI)
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UCU to provide research conducted by Law students to support constitution petition No 3 of 2015,to wit, Foundation for human rights Initiative et al, vs Attorney General of Uganda

Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa
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To enhance nutrition security and incomes through adding value to indigenous vegetables in East and Central Uganda

Mengo Hospital
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Teaching hospital: Use the hospital to offer a training platform so that UCU students offering the course can receive best quality teaching. This will enable students to perform to expected standards of the ministry of Health, the ministry of Education and Sports and the ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant regulatory and professional bodies.



National Social security Fund
Establish a framework for collaboration between the fund and UCU. The framework includes provision of graduate training programme by the Fund for the students enrolled at UCU.

Coalition for Health and Agriculture Income Network (CHAIN Uganda)
Project: Development of Gender Responsive Commercial Seed System for African Indigenous Vegetables in Uganda

Rotary Uganda Limited
Rotary UCU Vijana Poa Entrepreneurship centre: Where students will acquire practical educational experience and also engage with community through outreach.

Uganda Christain Lawyer’s Fraternity
Established with the aim seeking justice for all in a society through provision of legal aid, legal education, research and policy advocacy on behalf of poor and vulnerable people.

Serenity Centre Uganda
Working together to fight the substance abuse through research ,training ,empowerment, treatment ,prevention and awareness efforts and seeking funding.

SOM Chess Academy Ltd
Partner for outreach and community engagement activities to provide education to mutually work together to identify scholarships to support students from SOM CHESS ACADEMY who are admitted to UCU
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