Assoc. Prof. Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo

Kukunda Elizabeth Bacwayo is an Associate Professor of Governance and Development. She joined UCU in January 2004 in the Faculty of Social Sciences where she worked as Head of Department and Dean of Faculty for 10 years. She now heads the School of Research and Post Graduate Studies since 2015.

She holds a PhD and a Masters degree in International Development, and a Bachelor of Social Work.  Her main field of academic and research interest is governance, gender, and policy analysis. She has over 10 years’ experience in teaching and research and over 10 years’ experience as a development practitioner in Public and Private Sectors in Uganda.

She has vast experience working in multi-cultural settings.  She has worked for International Student Ministries in New Zealand, an international organisation working amongst the international groups, as a Post-doctoral Guest Researcher at Bergen University (Norway), a Fulbright Scholar In Residence at Trinity Christian College (USA) and a Visiting Professor at Mzumbe University in Tanzania.

She has conducted independent research for academic and policy purposes including consultancy research for UNDP and UWONET. Her latest research investigated the plight of breastfeeding mothers and their babies in higher education institutions. Elizabeth has published several papers and articles.

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Bacwayo K.E, Amaniyo M., Kemigisha E., Mwiije S., and Kiwumulo P. (2019), Work Place Breastfeeding Facility and Work Performance Among Lactating Mothers in Employment Institutions, 2nd UCU Conference on the Family, 19-20 Aug 2019, Mukono, Uganda.

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Namirembe S., Leimona B., van Noordwijk M., Bernard F. and Bacwayo K. E. (2014) “Co-investment Paradigms as Alternatives to Payments for Tree-based Ecosystem Services in Africa” in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability Vol. 6; 89-97.

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