Catering Services

Catering Services

Each day the University feeds over 2500 students and caters for staff meetings and events. The dining hall remains one of the central meeting places.
Its meals, which are served regularly and on time, comprise a number of African traditional dishes. Student menus include an array of traditional local foods, with beef, chicken and fish served periodically and the ever present and more affordable "posho and beans" served routinely.

The principal meals are breakfast, lunch and supper, with intermittent break tea and evening tea at 10:00am and 4:00pm respectively to boost you and give you a new drive until the main meal.
All meals are well balanced with African tea being provided as well, giving you the caloric energy you badly need for your studies and extra-curricular activities. There is also a special non-dairy provision available. The unbeatable balanced diet will always keep your appetite high enough for the next meal.

Resident students who have paid their fees receive meal cards from the Directore of Students Affairs office at the beginning of the semester. Non-resident students can buy semester meal cards for all meals offered at the dining hall. The University Campus also houses canteens and restaurants selling snacks and soft drinks. These cater for day scholar students, staff and faculty.

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